Milk and meat are very important sources of animal protein, vitamins and minerals required for growth and improving human health. Cattle are the major source of milk and meat in Nigeria. The indigenous breeds of cattle in Nigeria generally have low milk yield and meat production when compared with their exotic counterparts. For example the milk yield of the indigenous breeds of cow is between1-2 litres per cow per day as against 15- 20 litres/day/cow of the exotic breeds. 
The objectives of this project include: 
• Increase milk yield in quantity & quality
• Establishment of milk collection, processing and sales centres under hygienic conditions 
• Increase meat production, processing and packaging and sales under food safety regulations. 
• Enhance optimum utilization of livestock by- products (e.g. hides, bones etc.) in collaboration with stakeholders. 
• Increase protein intake and improve human health. 
• Training of pastoralist on Artificial Insemination, animal health care, hygienic milk handling etc. 
• Job creation, poverty alleviation and improved living conditions. 

In carrying out these activities, Council develop an implementation strategy on hides and skin improvement and utilization of by- products , while resuscitating the milk collection centre at Gwagwalada, Abuja for optimal dairy production. 

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