Sweet Sorghum is native to Africa, drought resistant and heat tolerant member of the grass family. The name "Sweet Sorghum" is used to identify varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), that are sweet and juicy. It is cultivated as a tropical cereal grass generally believed to have been domesticated in North Africa in 1000 BC. Today it is cultivated across the world and considered quantitatively the world's fifth largest most important cereal grain, after wheat, maize, rice and barley. 

The objectives of this project include: 
1. To develop and implement the sweet sorghum value chain using the village model system. 
2. To domesticate the technology for the processing of sweet sorghum into the value chain products. 
3. To promote the establishment of sweet sorghum processing plants as viable projects in rural areas. 
In furtherance of this project, The Chairman, Beijing Sangliang Technology Development Centre (BSTDC), Mr. Lyu Wei and another Chinese Agribusiness investor, Mr. Zhao visited the Council from 15th to 21st August, 2015, where the cooperation agreement between RMRDC and BSTDC was signed. 
The Chinese delegates also presented ten (10) varieties of sweet sorghum hybrid seeds including two (2) varieties of the Nigerian sweet sorghum hybrid developed from samples collected during previous visit of BSTDC Chairman to Nigeria. The samples had been taken to Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR) for on-farm trials. 

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