Title: Development Of Shea Butter For Domestic Industry And Export



• RMRDC Strategic Committee on Development of Shea butter for domestic industry and export
• National Shea Products Association of Nigeria (NASPAN)
• Shea nut pickers and processors
• State governments
• Global Shea Alliance (GSA)
• American Shea butter Institute (ASBI)


Objectives/Expected Results:

• To increase Shea nut processing for domestic and export markets
• To expand options for value addition
• To increase Shea nut production
• To upgrade indigenous technology for processing
• To improve the quality Shea butter
• To identify and address barriers to the adoption of new Shea nut processing technologies
• To promote standards and grade classification for Nigerian shea butter
• To develop a Road map for the Nigerian Shea Sector

Expected Results:

• Sustainable supply of  disease resistant  low gestation Shea  nut varieties
• Production of competitive products
• Development  and popularization of a suitable process technology and machinery
• Road map
• Visibility of Nigeria as a key player in Shea development



• Food and beverages
• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Export


Programme/Project description

• Improving the quality of Shea butter through Capacity building on best practices for Shea nut  pickers and processors
• Promote Quality and Standards
• Promote the establishment of  Shea nut Processing Centres
• Promote the formation of clusters and Collection Centres in Shea nut producing areas
• Development of a Road map for the Nigerian Shea industry
•Promote the development of new products (fertilizer, livestock feeds, Juice, wine, lubricants, candles, etc) through R& D
• boosting the  production of disease resistant  low gestation Shea nut varieties
• Upgrading of indigenous Shea nut Processing technology and popularization of the technology among Shea nut processors



4 years

Start date 2014

End date 2017


Targeted Stakeholders and desired impact

• Shea nut pickers and processors- to produce quality nuts
• Shea nut processors- to produce competitive Shea butter
• Entrepreneurs to key into the investment opportunities


Project Status

• Upgraded the indigenous technology for shea nut processing and deploying the technology to Araromi women shea butter cooperative society , Kwara state
• Built capacities of  shea nut pickers and processors on best practices for quality improvement in Niger state
• Trained  cosmetic producers on how to produce  shea butter range of products namely: Shea butter hair cream, body lotion, body cream, Shea butter balm and Shea butter soap

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