Objectives include:

1. To promote the mass cultivation of elite varieties of fruits crops varieties required by industries and promoting this among farmers

2. Build up database of fruits crop farmers and the level of their production, the processors and the level of their production, the marketers, the associated research institutions and their effort towards supporting the industry.

3. To attract investment in fruit processing by promoting the use of locally fabricated processing equipments.

4. To address post-harvest losses and help the farmers earn more Return On Investment.


• Increased investment in fruit production and processing
• Decrease in importation of fruit juice concentrate
• Boost in production of tropical fruits to meet increasing domestic demands for fresh and processed products
• Innovation in indigenous process technology for tropical fruits processing
• Mitigation of major constraints in the fruit industry including; low
• Yield, post-harvest losses, poor storage and preservation of fruits, etc.
• Higher return on investment by farmers
• Availability of database and other information useful for planning


Food and beverage manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, research and development, employment generation and wealth creation (entrepreneurship)

Programme/project description

• Training of farmers on best practices in cultivation, handling, and storage as well as limited processing.
• Promoting the cultivation of improved mango and orange fruit varieties through the use of tissue culture and biotechnology techniques to mass propagate.
• Promoting locally fabricated tropical fruits processing equipment.
• Organizing investment promotion on tropical fruits cultivation and processing to woo potential investors.

Targeted stakeholders

-FARMERS: To build their capacity in best practices and ensure that they generate more income from their efforts. To ensure availability of improved varieties of tropical fruits.

-PROCESSORS: To increase supply of quality raw materials to raise the level of competitiveness of their products and reduce dependence on importation.

-RESEARCH INSTITUTES: To build their capacity in micro-propagation for increased availability of improved planting materials and processing techniques.

-THE GENERAL PUBLIC: To ensure provision of improved varieties of tropical fruits and their products at affordable cost. To create jobs through the value chain of tropical fruits production and processing.

Project status

-Built capacity of farmers (in South-West);

Built capacity of research institutes; and upgrading of their laboratory equipments.

Promoted cultivation of elite varieties of mangoes; pineapple(sweet cayenne)Banana and oranges(valentia)

Built data base of stakeholders in fruit production and processing; identified entrepreneurs who have introduced innovation in tropical fruits processing (Fruit drying)

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