Following are the details of the project:

Nigeria is the 7th largest oil producer in the world and among the top countries with large gas reserves.  This underscores the importance of the oil industry in the country’s industrialization. To add value to the crude petroleum, Nigeria established refineries and petrochemical plants for domestic supply of petroleum products. However, due to a number of challenges, including the complexity of the refineries, which necessitates routine turn around maintenance at a very high cost to the nation, it has become difficult for the refineries to produce at optimal capacity and necessary to adopt mini-refinery technology.

Nigeria is importing about 60% of its petroleum product requirements due to the epileptic production from the refineries. There is therefore the need to establish modular refineries that can be maintained easily. The Council, in collaboration with a University, developed the technology for a mini refinery, which includes Naphtha Hydro-Treating and Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units. A test run was conducted on the completed units and the results were encouraging.