Following are the details of the project:

Prior to the Council’s intervention in Moringa value chain development, little was known about the uses of moringa plant. The Council identified Moringa oleifera as a local plant resource with enormous potentials and collaborated with various stakeholders to develop the following products some of which have been commercialsed: Moringa Tea; Moring Powder, Moringa Milk Moringa oil amongst others. These products were developed in collaboration with Avuco Nutritional Foods- Kaduna, Rockarich International, Grace Fellowship Africa, Life Builders, Salient Flowers, Jesus Own Home Foundation for the Needy-Anambra, and Grace Charity Africa Initiative, Ibadan. Further to this, the Council facilitated the emergence and registration of the Moringa Development Association of Nigeria and collaborated with the Association in the production of 5,000 Moringa seedlings. The Moringa project has created over 5,000 jobs across the Moringa value chain.


 Also, the Council in collaboration with the Ahmadu Bello University(ABU), Zaria developed two models (10,000 litres each) of Moringa Water Treatment Plant (Laboratory scale and Pilot Plant) located at the Water Works ABU, Zaria. When fully commercialized, this effort would create employment and reduce the importation of water treatment chemicals into the country.