PROJECT DETAIL: water borne paint

Following are the details of the project:

In an effort to reduce the importation of polyvinyl acetate, which is the most expensive imported emulsion used in the manufacture of water borne paints, RMRDC in collaboration with a researcher from the Federal University of Technology, Minna developed a formulation of waterborne paints from the blends of natural rubber latex and polyvinyl acetate. Preliminary work with these blends revealed that they are suitable for the manufacture of premium water- borne and cheaper quality paints. Optimum blend formulation was used to produce emulsion paints, which was tested and found to compare favourably with commercial paints available in the market. The paint was presented to the technical committee of the Paint Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) for collaboration on the commercialisation of the product.

The project is in the process of scaling up in collaboration with FEEZLUZ CONCEPT NIGERIA ENTERPRISES, Kogi State Blending PVAc with natural rubber will save the Country huge foreign exchange used in the importation PVAc annually.