Soda Ash
Name: Soda Ash
Category: Secondary Raw Materials
Scientific Name: Sodium Carbonate
Local Name: Eeru (Yoruba)
Type: Dense Soda Ash, Light Soda Ash and Washing Soda
Form: Chemical
Class: Mineral
Unit: Metric Tonnes

Soda Ash is an odorless white powder. It is Stable, Non Toxic or Explosive or Flammable. 

It is used as incredient in Manufacturing of dye and coloring agent. Used as household detergent.  Used to remove or de-clarify phosphate and sulphurs from a number of ferrous and non-ferrous ores which is use in recycling aluminium and zinc.  It is an important ingredient used in manufacturing glass which help reduce silica melting point.  It reduces the acidity of water used for SPA and pool for treament.

  • Lagos
  • Yobe
  • Ikeja
  • Damaturu
  • Nguru