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The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria (under the supervision of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology) vested with the mandate to promote the development and utilization of Nigeria's industrial raw materials.

RMRDC was established to:

Provide information which would enable government formulate appropriate policies for domestic raw materials exploitation, development, utilisation and investment


Prof. Hussaini Doko Ibrahim
Director-General / Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

To promote the development and optimal utilisation of Nigeria's natural resources for growth.

Our Vision

To be an indispensable catalyst for industrial growth and development in Nigeria.

The mandates of the Council as listed in the Act are:

  • Draw up policy guidelines and action programmes on raw materials acquisition, exploitation and development
  • Review from time to time, raw material resources availability and utilization with a view to advising the Federal Government on the strategic implication of depletion, conservation or stock-pilling of such resources
  • Advise on adoption of machinery and processes for raw materials utilization
  • Encourage publicity of research findings and other information relevant to local sourcing of raw materials for industries
  • Encourage growth of implant research and development capabilities
  • Advise on and devise awards or systems for industries that achieve any break-through or make innovations and inventions
  • Organize workshops, symposia and seminars from time to time designed to enlighten people on new developments and solutions discovered
  • Consider and advise on special research grants for specific objectives, and
  • Consider and advise on any other issue capable of enhancing the objectives of the Council.

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Strategic Projects

Calcination of Kaolin as Partial Substitute to Titanium Dioxide in paint Making

Calcination of Kaolin as Partial Substitute to Titanium Dioxide in paint Making

INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND Kaolin when thermally heated at specific temperatures gives products of industrial significance called “calcined kaol...

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Development & Utilization of Ceramic Raw Materials and Products

Development & Utilization of Ceramic Raw Materials and Products

Objectives: Promote investment in the ceramic industry Provide relevant authentic information for investment planning and...

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Development of Adhesive for Envelop Production

Development of Adhesive for Envelop Production

The Council in collaboration with SHETSCO and the envelop sub-sector of Pulp and Paper sector of MAN has developed suitable adhesive with right specif...

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